A Glimpse into the Working World

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Ahh, the life of a high school senior– On top of the world, head of the school, and an exciting new chapter just ahead. Yet, as carefree as this all sounds, heavy on the mind of any near-high school graduate are questions like:  where will I continue my education, what exactly should I study, and the most notorious concern: What will I do for my career?

Taibah International School’s Work Experience Program was designed to address this concern by placing their seniors in internships during their first term break. This experience allows students to get a glimpse into the working world and familiarize themselves with different jobs. For many of them, this is their first real job and first time working in an office environment. Empower scholar Brian Odong says, “Taibah knows very well that a few days after we take our final exams and graduate, we’ll be out looking for jobs in the job market. They give us this training to make it easier for us to get a job, to prepare us.”

From the Serena Hotel to the High Court of Uganda, our students are getting solid work experience in a variety of office settings. This week we dropped in to surprise a few of them at work! Let’s hear from John Nyanzi and Brian Odong to learn a bit more about what they’re up to.


John Nyanzi: All Saints Cathedral

While it may be surprising that John’s real middle name is “Baptist” (true fact), it’s certainly not surprising that he’s fitting in so well with the staff at All Saints Cathedral! He smiles shyly as he reflects: “I feel so comfortable working here. I’m not such a social person, yet everyone is so friendly. This morning we had devotions and it was a really nice time together. It’s a great opportunity to make friends.”

John’s supervisor, Maureen Tusuubira, has been working with John to teach him the database system for weddings, baptisms, and church ceremonies. John says, “Maureen is teaching me about database systems and faster typing. I think this week will really help strengthen my computer and database skills. This week is so important! You get to experience working conditions and learn how to concentrate in this environment.”

John at his internship with All Saints Cathedral

We walk into Rock Insurance Services Ltd. and have to take a second look around the office because we hardly recognize Brian! Mr. Odong is sitting at his own desk in the front room, in a freshly-pressed collared shirt, looking every bit the working professional.

His internship is with Rock Insurance Services Ltd, an insurance and consultancy firm in Kampala. It’s a job he hadn’t considered before but he’s enjoying learning more about the field and the overall office environment. He updates us saying, “This job is very different from what I thought I’d be doing. I didn’t know much about sitting, focusing, and working from a desk all day. This is a good experience to learn about the discipline of the working world.”

Whether or not a career in insurance is in Brian’s future, he’s been able to learn valuable lessons to carry through the rest of his years in school and into his future job.  He says, “My favorite thing so far is learning more about working with Excel and managing databases. This skill will actually help me in the classroom because we use Excel in a few of my classes!”

Join us in wishing our students luck as they continue their internships through next week before returning to school. Each of our seniors is an ambassador of our Scholarship Program in the offices where they’ve been placed and we look forward to hearing stories of their unique learning experiences!


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