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By: Frank Roby

In this week’s guest post by Frank Roby, our board member and former CEO, he explores a few age-old proverbs and their relevancy to our work in Africa today!

Empower scholars, Rajab and Ivan, study alongside each other in class.

These two particular proverbs came to mind as I reflected on a few of our students at Empower African Children and the organization as a whole.  As is always the case, the more I listen to our students, the better chance I have at becoming a better person.I just love cultural proverbs. Sayings like, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” or “if you want to go fast– walk alone, if you want to go far– walk together” always help me think through my actions.

We have students that have made that “thousand mile” journey – beginning with walking two miles to get water before they walked to school each day and ending with graduating with honors from prominent universities.  All of our students will tell you that the only way they can walk that distance is to walk together.

That is exactly what we are doing at Empower African Children right now. We’re learning how to better walk together so that we can go the distance. From student recruitment to our unique experiential learning programming, we continue to ask questions and improve on every aspect of our work.  These have been evolving over the past few years and I was honored to be a part of it for the two years I served as CEO and now as a board member.

If you want to talk “outcomes”, meet our students.  If you want to learn process, see how we are building our programs.  If you want to talk effectiveness versus efficiency, compare our students 10 years after they graduate to any other program you choose.

All of that possibility becomes impossible without you, our supporters.  With you, we can set a new standard of excellence in education, experiential learning, global competitiveness, and leadership.  Without you, none of this is possible and if we don’t do it, then another generation of potential leaders will not be prepared for the great responsibilities that lie ahead.  This makes our walk vital.  It turns donor contributions into investments.  It’s what makes the journey possible.

Will you walk the distance with us?  If so, I know we will go the distance – preparing a new generation of leaders equipped for world-class leadership and positioned to live a lifetime of influence.

Join us in supporting our Empower scholars by making a donation to our Scholarship Program!

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