Terror Close to Home

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We’ve become accustomed to hearing stories about terror in the Middle East, riots in North Africa, and the war in Syria. But last month, Al-Shabaab made news once again in our neighboring country of Kenya when a group of terrorists stormed into Westgate mall in Nairobi killing or wounding over 200 people.

Empower scholar, Noel Nabesezi, currently attends the Evelyn College of Design in Nairobi.  Immediately after hearing about the attacks in Kenya, Noel was on our mind. We reached out to her in order to gain a first-hand insight on her experience living in Kenya and how the terrorist attacks directly affected her.


What are some of the differences you’ve noticed between Kenya and Uganda?

A big difference is the warm and temperate weather in Uganda and the sporadic cold and hot weather in Kenya. I think Uganda weather is more stable and enjoyable than Nairobi weather.  Also fresh, healthy food is scarce in Kenya and the prices are high for healthier options. Aside from the weather and food, Nairobi is developing at a fast rate and people are very hard working.

How did you end up studying in Nairobi?

I aspire to be a fashion designer and to have a fashion house and dance studio. I am really working hard to achieve this. The program in Nairobi is better than what is offered in Uganda. In order to achieve my dreams, Kenya is the right place for me to be right now.

What was it like last week during the attack at Westgate Mall?

I heard loud noises and witnessed the smoke from my school, which is located less than 10 minutes away. Once the hostage crisis started happening, as much as we feared for the people inside there, everyone was also worried about their own safety. We stayed indoors for all those days with no shopping for food or school materials, which delayed everything at school. We prayed and kept watching TV, sometimes until 2 or 4 in the morning.

Terrorist attacks like Westgate may seem far away, but we are often times only one or two people removed from those who are affected. We are grateful that Noel is safe and was not directly involved in the unfortunate events that occurred last week.  It is another reminder of the need to equip the youth, through the investment of education, to build strong leaders committed to improving the quality of life in Africa—leaders like Noel. An online article or abstract from a www.homeworkhelper.net database!

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