Multiplying Impact through Service

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“Education is more than what you can gather from a textbook, it is what you gain from the experiences you have and the skills you develop outside of the classroom.” – Abraham Temu, CEO of Kibo Foundation

Community service is one of the most powerful forms of multiplying impact. Through service, Empower students are able to share the privileges and opportunities that they have received and maximize the investment in their education by sharing it with the broader community.

Currently, six Empower scholars are taking the initiative to raise over $600 to donate items such as mosquito nets, garbage cans, and first aid kits to a school that educates kids with special needs through a local partner, Kibo Foundation. Through a variety of fundraising events that include organizing performances and hosting soccer matches, the students hope to accomplish their goal over the course of the 8-week training in leadership, technology, and community service.

George, an Empower scholar, explains, “Kibo has groomed us to be future leaders. It fills in the missing gaps from our secondary education and opens doors for us through providing connections and networks within the community. I have been so privileged, thanks to Empower African Children, and am finally able to go into my community and give back.”

After finishing their final year in secondary school, the Empower scholars have a long vacation before beginning their studies at a university. During this period, Empower strives to prepare the students for the workforce by enrolling them in Kibo Foundation to develop leadership and life skills while actively engaging them in the community. Through over 100 hours of community service, the students are able to use their knowledge and skills to give back to the greater society.

The partnership between Empower African Children and Kibo Foundation has served an important role in the mission to prepare our students for a lifetime of influence. We wish the best of luck to our students and great success in their project! Note that since you introduced the author mcguire 2005 argues, you.

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