Finding Motivation from Within

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In January, Empower scholars attended the “Re-Think the Possibilities Leadership Camp” hosted by students from Dallas. As a closing activity, our students wrote letters to themselves with personal goals and steps they would take to achieve them. They were sealed and kept in our office until this week, almost two months later, when we met as a group to open them. Many of our students shared stories of how they had met their goals while, naturally, others are still working toward them.

Let’s hear from three of our students– John Nyanzi, Joyce Nagujja, and Violet Nakasule– and celebrate their success! Below, they share a portion of their personal letter and a response to how they’ve achieved one of their goals.


Excerpt from John’s letter:

“I hope I’ve gained a lot from the ReThink the Possibilities Camp and I feel really blessed to have such a chance to transform my life in this way. In six weeks time, I’ve planned to do things that will help me pass my exams and also improve in the subjects where I have been struggling. I’m going to make sure that I complete my Economics notes by that period and I’m going to make sure that I read and practice Math in the morning. I’m praying to my God everyday to strengthen myself and will encourage my classmates to do the same.”


How John is achieving his goal:

“I’m so happy that I can wake up early in the morning and lately, I’ve been going for morning prep sessions to finish my assignments.”


Excerpt from Joyce’s letter:

“I want to stop being driven by the group or being influenced by other people. Looking at myself as a leader, having self-respect and also listening to what is right, I want to have friends that are also respectful, loving, and caring.

In six weeks, I want to have found someone to help me in my songwriting and to help me gain much knowledge about singing and being an artist. I also want to be organized and ready for school.”


How Joyce is achieving her goal:

“I’ve been working with a music teacher at school that has helped me with the guitar, learning how to play it and how to become an artist. I wanted to influence people in a good way and I think that I’ve been able to advise others.”


Excerpt from Violet’s letter:

“Today, I write a letter to you that should be read six weeks from now and is to remind you of the goals you have set and the things that you value so much in life: love, family, happiness, honesty, and care.

I pray that God may help you achieve your goal of becoming an academic giant! But the best thing I know is that you can achieve it if you just believe in yourself. Don’t forget the individual projects at school and be a very good student. Be a model student to the teachers.”


How Violet is achieving her goal:

“I was able to work toward my goal of becoming a strong student by consulting with my teachers, working on how I’m spending my time, and studying very hard.”


These insights from their personal letters are proof that our scholars are pushing themselves to become better students and better people.  As Empower African Children, we will continue to provide them with the tools they need for success, but the best source for motivation comes from within!


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