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Here is a typical scenario. Spirit of Uganda is coming to your local theater, school, or church. You get invited to go, so you show up. Once you get there, you are totally blown away; the students’ talent is jaw-dropping, their spirits are humbling, their joy is inspiring, and the beauty of their culture is amazing. Your faith in humanity and hope for the future is restored! You want more! Right? Ok, maybe I got a little carried away, but it’s not too far off the mark from comments we regularly receive while we are on tour.

The big question is, “NOW WHAT?”

We need you to get on our bus. The hard truth is that these students would not be in the United States on a tour, they would not be in a high-level boarding school or university, they would probably not even be in school at all without the support of people like you. And now you know. You know just how amazing these students are and how much potential they have.

The Spirit of Uganda is a gift. The students give everything they have without expectation of gaining anything in return, other than your friendship. The tour will last for a few months, but then they will return to Uganda where they will be an Empower scholar for a period of up to 10 years. During that time we are tasked with giving them everything they need to achieve their full potential and become an agent of positive change, but we need your help.

One of my favorite questions is, “what do you need most?” It is not t-shirts or iPods. We need partners. We call them Empowerment Partners. They are people who are willing to share A LITTLE of what they have each month to make the lives of our scholars A LOT better. Whether it is $5 a month or $500, we think of these partners as part of the family. They are our inner circle who ensure that month in and month out we can pay for college applications, leadership trainings, guidance counseling, transportation to school, and the thousands of other things we provide to help our scholars be successful.

So, I have to ask, will you partner with us? We hope that your response to meeting these amazing students on tour is to get on our bus and invest in their future by becoming an Empowerment Partner.

With gratitude,

Jeremy Phillips, Executive Director

Click on the image below to sign up and we’ll send you a free Spirit of Uganda CD in the mail just to say thank you. We’ll also provide all Empowerment Partners with special updates from the students throughout the year to keep you updated on their progress.

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