Holiday Break: A Photo Update

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The new school year began this week and we’re excited for yet another year of learning and growth for our Empower scholars! The past six weeks have been filled with leadership training, fun times with visitors, and various workshops. Each year our student counselors work hard to organize events during the holiday break that will continue to develop our students and prepare them for the new school year.  Let’s reflect on their activities over the past month through a series of fun photos and short stories. Enjoy!


Our partners at in Kampala educate using interactive workshops that combine creative expression and experiential learning. Throughout the holiday break, they facilitated a series of workshops with our students, focusing on developing social skills.


Students were divided into groups and instructed to come up with a short skit demonstrating the proper way to speak to adults. The main purpose of this workshop was to practice different communication techniques to suit specific audiences.


Some of the boys volunteer to act out a skit on the importance of teamwork. In this workshop, the Empower scholars learned techniques for living and working together.


, another partner organization of Empower’s, organized a community service activity during the break. Our students spent a day at a children’s home run by (Music, Life Skills, And Destitution Alleviation), an organization that seeks to reduce the number of children living on the streets of Uganda by providing them with a home, education, and protection. At the home, we found that the rooms had been fumigated and all the bedding had been sprayed for bedbugs. The students helped clean the rooms, wash the clothes and bedding, and re-organize the rooms.



We worked alongside the MLISADA children and had time to interact with them throughout the day. In the afternoon, our two groups each performed separately and then we had fun collaborating and performing together. We hope to continue this relationship and achieve much more together!

Empower Scholar Rajab shows off his best moves in a dance-off with one of the MLISADA children.



Looks like Rajab, Wasswa, and Anthony are channeling their Spirit of Uganda training experience for this performance.


Our students took a day trip with KiBo to visit the , a centre for young entreprenuers in Kampala. The purpose of this trip was to expose the Empower scholars to a work environment and to learn how to effectively use different types of social media.



On another KiBo-organized trip, the Empower Scholars traveled to visit the Good Shepherd Home which is run by priests with the . The objective for the day was to gain a better understanding of the concept of serving and to further educate our students about community service. Here at the Good Shepherd Home, priests have given their lives to serve the disabled in Uganda who rely on others for their cooking, cleaning, and overall care. The Empower scholars collected clothing and bananas to donate to the home during their visit and look forward to more service projects at the site later this year.


Sharon helps distribute the donations  to the children on behalf of the Empower scholars. 


 Two of our students, Hassan and Mary, with one of the young girls at the Good Shepherd Home.


And, of course our students had fun training with Spirit of Uganda! It was a great way to stay active during the break.

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