A Graduation Celebration

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We are especially proud of one of our most recent Empower graduates who has launched her own fashion business in Uganda!

Noel has always had a passion for fashion and design.  After graduating from a Fashion and Design School in Kenya last December, Noel set out to start her own fashion house in Uganda.

Noel dreamed of opening a three-room workshop with 4 to 6 employees complete with a display room and office.  Due to Noel’s limited resources and starting capital, she had to start small.

Today, Noel’s Fashions is up and running in Kampala, Uganda.  She designs and sews mostly women’s clothes and her business is expanding into home décor.  She has begun creating pillows, bedspreads and anything one may dream of for a home.

Noel is a budding entrepreneur.  Just recently, she hired an employee to work with her in her shop.

Thanks to Noel’s scholarship from Empower African Children,  Noel’s future is bright as a young leader in Uganda’s design industry.  Watch out, this girl is on fire!

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